① The Burning Giraffe

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The Burning Giraffe

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This phenomenon can be traced back to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytical method, much admired by Dali. He regarded him as an enormous step forward for civilization, as shown in the following quote. In Dali's own words his paintings form "a kind of allegory which serves to illustrate a certain insight, to follow the numerous narcissistic smells which ascend from each of our drawers. There are two female figures in the foreground, one with drawers opening from her side like a chest.

They both have undefined phallic shapes perhaps melted clocks, as a recurring image from Dali's previous works protruding from their backs which are supported by crutch-like objects. The hands, forearms and face of the nearest figure are stripped down to the muscular tissue beneath the skin. One figure is holding a strip of meat. It appears again in in the painting The Invention of Monsters. He considered his psychoanalytical method as s an enormous step forward for civilization:.

The hands, forearms and face of the nearest figure are stripped down to the muscular tissue beneath the skin. The smaller figure holds what appears to be a piece of flesh in her hand, a device also present in The Great Masturbator Raw meat is seen as the call for a return to primitive nature, a rediscovery of the inner being. Both humanures that double as a chest of drawers as well as the crutch are common motifs seen in many of his works, like in Sleep and in The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table In this painting, the crutches are clearly masculine in nature, representing a patriarchal system which many believed women would be helpless without.

They are phallic in essence, male dominance over the bodies of women. The Burning Giraffe is like a warning to the world about the possibilities of war. The only hope is, that humanity can be saved through psychoanalysis — by opening the chest of drawers present in the mind to understand the secrets of the human body which is the combination of female and male treats. The hope is directly connected the number of crutches found on the two women like figures. The main figure has many chest of drawers, and has less crutches to hold her still; while the other figure has many crutches without any drawers making her hopeless.

But to be honest, her greatest accomplishment is being the owner of Pimpek the Cat. Those coming to Dali for the first time, most typically through the coloured plates in art books, are often surprised to find that the actual canvases and boards he committed his work to are much smaller than imagined. The Burning Giraffe is one such example. The work dates from when Dali was 34 years old. The painting measures 35cm X 27cm and is currently housed in the Kunstmuseum in Basel Switzerland.

In , Spain was in the grip of a bloody civil war and the painting is thought to represent both the insecurities the artist felt about that conflict, his struggles with his own country and his own deeper subconscious world of dreams, and perceptions. It is interesting that the title of the painting is The Burning Giraffe because this image, which is much smaller than the two female forms in the foreground, can only be seen, almost in relief, at the back of the picture as the eye moves back towards the horizon.

The image recurs again in a much later work in pastel and water colour, Burning Giraffes in Brown, also known as Giraffe Avignon. For many, the Giraffe works for Dali as a totem animal with the burning Giraffe seen as a premonition of war; whilst fire is representative of a dangerous death, imbued with meaning. The breaking up of the female form and mystification surrounding female sexuality, combined with fetishism are themes common to Dali.

Here the two main figures are clearly female, but they appear in almost skeletal form as what Dali called, the tail bone woman. The skin appears to be peeling, exposing what lies beneath, hidden, one of the main ideas conveyed in this work.

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