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Catheter Case Study Answers

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Coronary catheter techniques 3: Bypass grafts engagement and other tips- Elias Hanna, Univ Iowa

Is there any other means I could try to secure the catheter? What else can I do to ease the pain? So you have a suprapubic catheter? If you secure it to tightly, there will be constant pull and that will cause pain. I hope that helps. My main problem is with the SPC balloon sitting low at the base of my bladder and the fact that my bladder is seriously scarred due to a hospital infection post prostate cancer, I get a constant nagging pain in the bladder. Rest helps but with a little lifting and movement the pain returns. It is ok overnight but comes on again when at the toilet or any aggregation of the bladder through movement.

I am finding that paracetamol eases the pain but am concerned that long term use of paracetamol could cause other problems. I usually take , on some days 4 paracetamol. If that does not do the trick, it may have something to do how you secure the tube to yourself on the outside. Did your read my post about the Duette? But there are a few 3rd-party vendors that will sell you some.

I had it removed last Friday and attempted to urinate. I had another Foley cath put in the same day. I will get the second Foley cath removed tomorrow morning. Is there anything that will help relieve the pain while urinating? I tried pain mess and Azo, and drinking nothing but water, all dosent help. Please help!! This is something I always recommend bothering your doctor s relentlessly until you get an answer. As for what might be causing it — well putting in and taking out a Foley catheter can definitely be irritating to the urethra. After surgeries non urethra surgeries: I often have painful urination for a day or so.

You need to see a doctor immediately if at all possible. I am not aware of anything over-the-counter other than Azo Phenazopyridine HCL that you can do to ease painful urination. You should not just try to tough this out. I hope that clears things up. And I hope you feel better soon? Thank you. The pain when urinating is unbearable. My next option was going to be marijuana while I go pee. Good tips. But the evidence for cranberry juice preventing UTI in men is lacking. For women, different story. And if you have an indwelling catheter, cranberry products do nothing for anybody because the bacteria are already present.

I have read through the discussions and found them very enlightening. I have horrible pain upon standing and sitting. In fact, I often have to get up to get flow started. Have you ever heated a similar story? Thanks Sharon. Glad you have found some helpful stuff here. I found it helped me to pull the tube gently to make sure the balloon is secure against the bladder wall. It has a long enough tube to put the bag on the floor. That way the flow will be in the right direction. You need the bag to be below the level of your bladder. Ken, thank you for the info. Since then pain has increased along with blood in urine. I know this can be normal, but it persisted for many days. I have Dr. Sorry to hear that, Sharon. Yeah, that really only works if you have a catheter with a balloon and there are no stitches.

I could not have done this with my first catheter, which was a pig-tail no balloon held in place by a couple of stitches. I probably should have been more clear about that. I hope you get some relief qt your appointment! Hi Ken, just an update. My doctor is going to put the Duette in on Jan. I am really counting on it to relieve my pain and other problems, e. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your support. Glad to hear it Sharon. I never got to try a Duette. I look forward to your news. You should call your doctor. Post back when you find out what the issue is. And good luck! Actually, I had that sense of needing to pee even with the SPC. So much so that it would keep me up at night. My guess is that when a tiny bit of urine entered my urethra instead of leaving through the catheter it would get stuck near the distal end of my penis where my stricture was.

Eventually some of it would drip through and that sensation would lessen. But when they first cut through my urethral opening, I had that sensation nonstop for three or four days. Just want to share my story. I had one surgery October of for a urethra cleaning to remove scar tissue but this surgery was unsuccessful since I had 2 UTI blockages this year.

This showed I had a diverticulitis or pouch and a utethral structure that would not require taking any tissue from my mouth. I have a few questions if you or anyone would like to answer. This was recommended by my adult urologist. I currently have a gaze pad above it along with a lot of tape to keep it in place because they told me not to wash it. It always seems to feel weird and I seem like I limp when I walk for some reason to make sure it stays. Thanks again for this website and helping people in our scenario. I never thought I had someplace to share my story. You do not, however, need to do anything out of the ordinary to try to prevent UTI.

Once you have an indwelling catheter, the bacteria are already there — colonized. So the question about getting a UTI is all down to if those bacteria decide to invade the tissues or not. All the antibacterial detergents, etc. You just need to keep things moving the pee in the right direction and keep yourself healthy. You will likely have a foley catheter for weeks before going in to make sure you can pee without it and that the surgery worked. Just be aware that the healing takes a long time. Read my posts on the site about that stuff.

I have a foley catheter and use both a nighttime bag and a daytime leg bag. Three questions. First, I use a statlok to minimize movement of the catheter but also allowing for some slack but I still feel some discomfort at the tip of my penis. Second, when I use my leg bag, I find it most comfortable to wear sweatpants without underpants classic Jockeys. What do you think? Third, if you drive with a leg bag, can the bag be on the leg you use with the accelerator?

I have got used to having the bag on my accelerator leg and prefer to leave it there because it feels more comfortable. I used to use neosporin and never had any problem. I always had a Grip-Lok on my leg even in bed. And I was terrified I would get out of bed to empty the bag and step on the tube and yank on the cathether shudder. Should be fine.

Hope that helps. I had Turp surgery scraping the Prostate to make the pathway open to pee because of retention For 5 days they flushed my bladder in Hospital. I have been out 4 days. I am not getting any blood in the bag but on the 5 day soon as they gave me the walking catheter Pee flowed out of the penis and went all over the floor. I slump over in pain and have to start breathing like a Women giving birth just to get through it. I am on county insurance — my doctor will not see me untill another week and a half. My only option is go to ER. I hate that place. I think its clogging for some reason. I read on the forum that perhaps I should pull on it but I have had surgery and it has to heal.

I don;t see no way out but to wait. Unless the ER can give me some morphine but I would rather figure out another solution. I got cash flow problems to worry about. I need to work. Wow Jim. That sounds awful. Do you know if it is a Foley catheter? In other words, does it have a balloon at the end inside your bladder? If you pull and you get resistance though, then stop. Another possibility again, if you have a Foley is that the balloon may have deflated partially, allowing pee to come through your urethra and down and out your penis.

The cramping sounds to me like your bladder trying to push against a blockage of some kind. It was my bladder trying to push against the stricture blocking my urethra. I would advise having a nurse or other medical professional do the deflating or inflating of the balloon if you need to havr that done. Best of luck! I know you have insurance and money issues to contend with here as well. Yeah, you might have to wait for a few hours, but just think — the next day, your problem might well be fixed.

My penis hurts at the insertion site. When I first inserted the indewelling I was given a 16Fr. It was uncomfortable so we removed it and used a 14Fr. Should I lubericate the penis head at insertion? If not what can I use? I also get a pulling sensation when I stand up sometimes. Any suggestions? Hi Mike. Remember that I am not a medical professional. But my personal experience showed that using a bit of vaseline or even bacitracin ointment at the insertion point did help and caused me no harm. Also make sure you wash that area of the tube each morning. It used to get some build-up from the mucosa in the urethra.

That stuff can harden and cause some pain. As for the pulling — make sure you have some slack between the penis and where you have it attached to the leg. I had MRI guided prostate biopsy under full sedation. When I woke up I could not pee. After a few hours of IV and drinking water I still could not pee. I got a folly installed with a leg bag. It is not that bad except for the extreme pain at the tip of the penis. It is like there is a razor blade there. I am taking pretty strong oral Rx pain pills and have put lidocaine cream on it but it still feels like there is broken glass there at the tip.

Wow Lester. That sounds terrible. The reason I ask is that when I had my urethral catheter, there was about a inch area that went in and out of the penis all day and night. IN the mornings there would be a little hardened crust-like build-up that I would scrape off with some gauze and soap. I imagine if that were inside, it would be pretty painful. But it might be worth a check. I woke up this morning and the pain was extreme. I could barely move. The bladder was trying to eject the catheter. I got to the doctors office and they took it out.

It was extremely painful. I sat on the table for 20 minutes and deep breathed. I am able to urinate now but it really hurts. My urethra is very, very sore and burning. The doc said on a scale of one to ten I was a ten in terms of urethra sensitivity. I am so scared because I think I will eventually have to get prostate surgery and I cannot imagine having it in for a week. Is there a nerve block or anything that can he done? Remember that I am not a medial pro of any kind, so any advice I give is from a regular non-medical guy.

Ultimately you should definitely see a nurse or doctor about this. I do know that there are medications they give to folks with UTIs that are designed to directly or indirectly reduce pain in the urethra. Anti-inflammatories are the first next things to consider, since many types of pain are caused by inflammation. And then there is always the narcotic pain meds like hydrocodone. I hope this helps some. And I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for keeping this up. I may be lucky, am having it removed tomorrow. Hope is to expand a structure. Back to the pain of a folly. Bless you and your significant other.

Best of luck with TURP recovery. I had TURP, which did a nice job of cleaning up my prostate and ending the continuous infection cycle I was experiencing. Within no time I had so much scarring, after an additional procedure to dilate and remove scarring, that I could no longer urinate more than a couple drops at a time. Eventually it led to two stage urethroplasty of which I am 4 weeks past the stage 1 procedure. This is a very helpful site. Thanks for putting it together and keeping it afloat well after your procedure. I had a radical prostatectomy on February 14 Happy Valentines Day…. Earlier this evening I had a sneezing fit and ever since feel like my bladder is going to burst. Any tricks to get it back up or should I go see the doctor? Hi I had an SPC fitted 7 days ago.

After years of self catheterisation. I have found this site invaluable and have learned far more here than from the professionals. Will be reading with interest. So glad you find it help it helpful, Christina! I hope things get better with the tickles. I was not a fan. Sorry to hear about the infection. Did you get treated for that? They were fierce about treating me when I got a UTI with my catheter — being aggressive with the antibiotic and making sure it was the RIGHT antibiotic for the the particular type of bacteria. Infections can cause pain for sure. I highly recommend seeing your doctor about this as soon as you can.

When lying down, I seem to have to manually adjust the tubing every hour or so. Otherwise, I wake up with a very full bladder feeling, and the point of the SPC is to keep my bladder dry so a fistula repair can heal. Any tips would be much appreciated. Hi Sarah. You definitely should be filling your bag overnight, assuming you have drunk enough fluids. Making sure you have something to secure the tube on the outside can help here. I used the Grip-Lok stickers, which prevent the tube sliding either up or down too much. Not sure any of that will help immediately. But I do think you need to call your doctor soon for this one. I have a foley snd I have bladder spasms that it hurts in my back and my abdominal area I have to the prescription azo and meberquet r how evey u spell it and plus I take percect nothing seems to help and I carry yeast in my kidneys.

Hi Peggy. Really the best thing you should do is contact your doctor. Hey everyone. Could you help me out? I put together a VERY short survey tor subscribers on this site to help me understand how I can help folks with their catheter problems better. If you can do this, just click here to go to the survey. Thanks so much!! Hey I am 20 years old and about 8 days ago I had a urethrotomy, which is a urethral stricture widening operation. This urethral stricture I probably had since birth. They put me under anesthesia and I woke up with a foley catheter size 20f. It all seemed fine until the first night came, and I thank God that I was at home and not in the hospital. So I got an erection at about 3 am and was in excrusiating pain.

Blood all over the place. For a long time, more than a couple of hours I believe, I could not get out of it. It was torture. I actually freaked out, the urine was dark orange and I still had the bag from the hospital in, with the long tube. Thoughts and feelings of the dark side arose. I felt that the urine was going back in my kidneys and since I was bleeding, I had these weird thoughts that I would blow up or get an infection of some kind. Was the bladder spasms…boy oh boy those HURT!!!! I could feel the balloon squishing and trying to get through the bladder… And the really worst part was the pain inside the penis…right where I had the urethrotomy done.

And now… 3 days after the catheter removal… Most of my peeing sessions involve high amounts of pain usually mid-to the end of peeing and sometimes it lasts quite long. I feel pain where my stricture was. My Dr. The erections are really painful. Of course I in no way want to offend people who live with these kind of symptoms or had to have a cath in for longer periods of time, this could be a really itchy subject… But I got really depressed and even had some weird things happen to my psyche in this whole ordeal. Wow, Kos! I never had a urethrotomy. They went straight to the urethroplasty, which has the best chance of a long-term fix. With the urethroplasty, it takes many months to heal up because of how they have to cut through other parts of your body to get to the stricture.

Since the urethrotomy is much simpler, going directly to the stricture and cutting it out through the penis, it should be a much faster healing time. I hope someone here who has had a urethrotomy can answer your question. My ubest guess is that it will be as long as 2 weeks for the site to heal up. I encourage you not to give up though. Should have something by Friday. We really would like to offer support to you as with all our readers. For your question, our doctors we have two doctors working with the site now tell me they need more information before offering any advice.

What kind of damage do you have with your bladder and kidneys? And one last question for you — are you in the US or another country? Try this method and if it works for you share like me on this blog. Ken is a good moderator of info. Thanks Ken for your sympathy and patience with us guys. I hope my story can be of help or consolation to someone in the same situation. Prepare for a wall of text …. I most likely got these strictures from a urinary tract infection when I was a kid quite common and I lived with it for almost 16 years before it became critical. I could not pee or ejaculate normally, as it would leave me on the bathroom floor crying in pain. From age 16 to 19 I was in and out of hospitals and tried all the regular methods.

Everything from urethrotomy to self-catheterization. Nothing but momentary solutions. Flash forward to age After several infections and much agony, I decided to try what the best hospital in Norway had to offer. They told me I was scheduled for urethroplasty, but I ended up getting something else because they told me it had a higher success rate. So I woke up with a Foley catheter, and I remained in bed for almost a week. After I was sent home, I used a special doughnut pillow to relieve pressure off of the scrotum that stayed with me for 3 months , and I had the catheter in for another two weeks.

It all went relatively well, all things considered, until the last two days of having the catheter. I started getting the worst kind of cramps, and I would push to ease the urge to pee. It only made things worse, and the catheter became covered in blood. I could see tissue from the bladder ooze into the bag. I was mortified. I eventually managed to calm the sensation by taking strong painkillers and fall asleep. After I took out the catheter, I peed with the force of a garden hose and recovery seemed to go smoothly. That is, until I recognized the cramps from before coming back. I become completely immobilized.

I have dealt with them taking painkillers and relaxing my lower body. So here I am, 4 years later, and I find myself in a situation that is all too familiar by now. An appointment at the urologist taught me that I have scar tissue in the bladder from the time I wore a catheter, and that this could be the reason for my bladder spasms still just speculation Moreover, I have to pee more often now and I can feel the stricture tightening like a noose. I had high hopes for this procedure, but it seems inevitable I have to go back in. Do you know anyone who might know something about this? Just wanted to get this off my chest, sorry for the long comment.

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J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. Sudden bilateral blackish discoloration of toes in middle-aged female. The cells were arranged around irregular mineralization foci and the calcified areas resemble cementum-like and bone-like ossifying areasdiagnosis as peripheral cement-ossifying fibroma PCOF. Peripheral cemento-ossifying fibroma.

Should these Catheter Case Study Answers not The Most Important Causes Of European Imperialism In Africa Catheter Case Study Answers Lev Vygotskys Cultural-Historical Theory Analysis permission, the physician is justified Catheter Case Study Answers seeking Catheter Case Study Answers help so Ocean Acidification Persuasive Speech to proceed with the procedure and treatment of the child. It was just what happens with an SPC because there is Catheter Case Study Answers tube or balloon to block it because Catheter Case Study Answers the way Catheter Case Study Answers SPC is positioned in the bladder. If her wishes are consistent during her lucid periods, this choice may be Catheter Case Study Answers her real the mengele effect and Catheter Case Study Answers accordingly. Despite receiving a Catheter Case Study Answers of resource information, the Catheter Case Study Answers refuses any medical intervention. An otherwise healthy year-old man presents Catheter Case Study Answers radical retropubic Catheter Case Study Answers, and expresses interest to his anesthesiologist in having postoperative epidural narcotic Catheter Case Study Answers management.

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