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Bluebird Charles Bukowski

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Bluebird animation based on Charles Bukowski's poem

Definition terms. Why did he use? Bluebird Analysis Charles Bukowski Characters archetypes. Sparknotes bookrags the meaning summary overview critique of explanation pinkmonkey. Quick fast explanatory summary. Charles Bukowski's "bluebird" is a poem about a man how is afraid to expose his sensitivity to the world with fear of being judged or not appearing masculine. Posted on by a guest. In my very personal opinion, the bluebird is the poet's memory of someone he dearly loved. Perhaps a woman. Who he hid by calling the bluebird a "he". At night when everyone is deep asleep, and the poet is by himself, then he reminisces about her. I think that this composition show us, our real personality, due to every day we express our face depending our situations, also, as you can see, in the photos, we always show a happyness face, but really we try to cover this life of insatifation, obviously this poet wanted to explain us that we have two personalities , the first that we use in front others and the second, our more deep personality of sensibility, which we are as boys, these children that all the time suffer for something, in fact he or she is not happy.

This poem to me means the blue bird is true creativity, something that is butchered at a very early age, everyone has a song which they cannot sing, it is stifled by the shouts of your boss, the complaints of your partner and the judgements of your peers, reminding you that you live in reality an. I think he is talking about the blue bird of happiness Posted on by a guest. I think he wanted to say what he said. This symbolizes that the heart and its sensitiveness are so tender that even men weep, contradicting the norms of society. Personification: Bluebird is personified as the poet talks to him, asks him questions, pours whiskey on him, and makes a pact. He drinks and smokes to hide the emotions and the people around him, the clerks, the bartenders, the women he spends his nights with, nobody knows about the bluebird.

More importantly, even though there is a bluebird and it wants to get out of him, yet he never shows it: that is, the emotions are forever hidden. He goes on to ask in an intriguing tone if the bluebird that his vulnerability wants him to face failures stop his rough image from promoting his work, from stopping the sales of his books. He is too clever to get him out. Last but not least, sometimes at night, the bluebird comes out. The poem is a wonderfully woven creative piece that states the human emotions are delicately present in the sacred most corner of our heart, blooming in full passion.

Though these emotions want to come out, yet we suppress them to the best of our abilities. This is what even Bukowski had faced. During his childhood, the torture from his father and the rejection from women had hurt him. But eventually, he bore that hurt and continued, without expressing the feeling of pain. However, as one slowly grows up, just like Bukowski, one realizes that the image one portrays to the outside world does not correspond to that of the vulnerability and the fragile tenderness of our heart. Hey, it's not so wrong to sing your song every once in a while.

Fly away, bluebird! This quote is all about hiding, so you can bet you'll hear it when there's more to someone than meets the eye. If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would you get an in-unison "awww" or would everyone roll their eyes and never invite you back? Here it is, on a scale of The first rule of bluebirds is you don't talk about bluebirds. So maybe your next dinner party isn't exactly the best time to start going on about the song inside your heart, just waiting to get out.

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