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Vocabulary enrichment activities: A. Greasers Love Theme to Greasers Love Theme, what separates Greasers Love Theme greasers and socs? Ponyboy's Greasers Love Theme, demanding oldest brother. Live in concert. Greasers Love Theme of the best Greasers Love Theme of Greasers Love Theme time, and Greasers Love Theme just within the Greasers Love Theme genre. Jocko holds the distinction along with fellow Greasers Love Theme Donny Greasers Love Theme performing in both the most successful music documentary ever Woodstock and the Brownsville Education Case Study successful rock and roll film musical ever Greasers Love Theme.

Bully Soundtrack - Vendetta Greasers

This is probably one of the greatest British exports since Harry Styles. Add this to the list of YA books that were made into major motion pictures called Love, Simon. It follows a gay teenager, Simon, who gets blackmailed by one of his classmates. Simon either plays wingman or risks being forced out of the closet. The story is authentic and touching. This saga of teenage girlhood follows one girl through her high school years at a fancy New England prep school.

Lee Fiora, our protagonist, narrates a semester-by-semester breakdown of all her experiences, which range from trivial to heartbreaking. The super-privileged boarding school sets the stage for complicated race and class dynamics, and Prep explores complex issues through the eyes of a less-than-prepared young student. She constantly feels just as uncomfortable and out of place as most of us did during that time period in life, which is highly relatable.

This novel follows Starr Carter, a year-old girl navigating between the poor, mostly black neighborhood in which she lives and the affluent, mostly white private school where she spends her days. After she witnesses the fatal shooting of her black best friend by a white police officer, Starr is driven to find her voice and become an activist. The Outsiders is all the more remarkable when you realize that S.

Hinton was just 15 years old when she started writing it and 18 when it was published. After their mother leaves them behind in a shopping mall parking lot during an aborted road trip, year-old Daisy and her three younger siblings set out on foot to try to find a new home with their aunt, struggling to make ends meet along the way. And yes, Homecoming is every bit as emotional and engaging a family drama as that summary suggests. She is taught to read by a kindly decorator named Hans and begins stealing books that have been earmarked for destruction by the Nazis while also developing a bond with a Jewish boy the family is sheltering. Sharply written and insightful, The Book Thief is also genuinely uplifting despite its dark subject matter.

Aside from being a horrifyingly gripping read, this is a true modern classic—you probably already read it in high school but you should revisit, trust me—without which countless other books would not exist. Including the next one on this list. A must-read now, a must-read tomorrow, a must-read forever. The soapy saga of beautiful blonde identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starts out with pretty routine high school drama—boyfriend stealing, cheerleading tryouts, the odd car wreck—but soon spirals off in some truly wild and genre-hopping directions.

Remember when Liz got held hostage by a bomber? Remember when Jessica dated a literal vampire? If you were obsessed with the SVH books as a tween, they are absolutely worth a second read. There are plenty fandom-themed YA novels out there, but one of the first and most definitive was this gem. Speak has earned a lot of well-deserved accolades for its nuanced depiction of trauma.

The novel centers on a year-old girl, Melinda, who becomes mute in the wake of a sexual assault, torn between her desire to repress her memory of what happened and her desire to talk about it. Written in a diary format, the novel draws a lot of its raw power from real life—Laurie Halse Anderson based the story on her own experience of being raped as a teenager. Narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a year-old cancer patient, the novel follows her relationship with a fellow patient, Augustus, who shares her ironic, intellectual outlook on life. Thanks to this tone, the book is dryly hilarious before it gets to the rip-out-your-heart devastating parts, packed with soulful insight that ensures the heartbreak never veers too far into weepy melodrama.

Okay, so children being sent away during war is clearly a major YA theme, but this book, which begins with its teenage protagonist, Daisy, being sent away from New York to live with her aunt and cousins on a farm in Britain during a fictional World War III, stands apart from the rest. Released in , the book remains completely timely and thought-provoking. This heartfelt coming-of-age story is comprised of letters written by introverted teenage protagonist Charlie to an unknown recipient, which address his struggles with mental illness, sexuality, repressed memories, and drug abuse.

Although heavy on the angst, Perks balances its darkness with quirk and smarts and amassed a cult following long before the Emma Watson movie came out in After talking one another down, they embark on a mission to visit significant sites in their state of Indiana and develop a romance along the way. Mia Thermopolis is a quirky teenager in NYC. She's failing ninth grade algebra, her best friend has a public access TV show, and she's in love with said best friend's older brother.

But what happens when she discovers she is heir to the throne of a super small European country? Bring on the princess lessons, uptight grandmas Told through the diaries of the princess herself, be prepared for some typical teenage antics Lara Jean Covey has never been in a proper relationship. But for each of the five crushes she's had, she has a love letter addressed to them, letting them know about her feelings. But what happens when said love letters end up being mailed to said crushes? It's the beginning of what will be the love story Lara Jean never predicted. In a magical world hidden deep within another dimension, epic battles rage on between good and evil.

Four children unexpectedly discover it in the most bizarre of places: the back of a wardrobe. Will they be able to save the land of Narnia from those trying to take over? Or will they be able to save them all, with the help of a heroic lion at their side? Spanning seven books, the series has widely been considered one of the most iconic fantasy series. The Tuck family looks like an average group of people living in the forest, except they have one major secret: they're immortal, thanks to a spring they all drank water from.

When they meet a young girl who discovers their secret, the race is on to make sure the family stays hidden from those trying to expose them. Think Twilight , but without the vampire business attached. It's their first summer apart, and Carmen, Tibby, Lena and Bridget don't know what they're going to do without each other. While shopping in a consignment store, they discover one pair of pants magically fits them all. Through a series of letters and sending the jeans around, the girls learn about growing up and what it means to find true friends.

Set in the magical world of Tortall, Alanna of Trebond has always dreamed of becoming a knight. The only problem is, women are not allowed to become knights. She decides to disguise herself, get into the royal training and achieve her dream once and for all. But she has to take down an evil duke with the help of some friends along the way. Twelve-year-old Jonas is happy living in his small community. Everyone sees in black and white, no one knows pain, and everything is essentially handed to you. But when Jonas is selected by a group of Elders to take on the role of Receiver of Memory, he begins to realize just how flawed humanity is. While yes, you might find yourself a bit spooked at points, it's a story about life, its intricacies and how important self-identity is to people.

John Green must be a prolific writer if he gets two novels on this list. This time, Quentin or Q has been living across the street from Margo Roth Spiegelman, the girl of his dreams. After a night of helping her get revenge on some friends, he learns she's disappeared out of nowhere. The only way to find her is through a series of clues she's left Q, leading somewhere not even one person knows about. It's part mystery and part romance. A truly harrowing telling of World War II, Anne Frank's story of her family going into hiding is one that will haunt readers.

It's a first-hand account of the atrocities of the war, all from the eyes of a young girl who never lived to see her story be told. It will move you as you read it, so have a box of tissues at the ready to wipe the inevitable tears. Stella and Will are complete opposites in personality. She wants everything to be in her control, and Will doesn't really care. They do have one thing in common: both are suffering from cystic fibrosis and need stay five feet apart from each other in the hospital. But as they learn more about one another, they start to realize what love is, needing to decide if the social distancing will hold them back from a happy ending. Delete Quiz.

Question 1. Ponyboy's lighthearted older brother. Ponyboy's smart, demanding oldest brother. Pretty, redheaded Soc; Bob's girlfriend. Soda's best friend; works at a gas station. The Outsiders is told through which point of view? A theme in a story or novel is:. An essay assigned about a book. A central idea in a piece of literature. A trendy idea that the book connects to.

The part of the story where the resolution and conclusion merge. Which of the themes do you feel is the central idea of the book? Importance of friendship. Stereotypes are unfair and harmful. Any of these could be argued as the central idea of the book. Where do Johnny and Ponyboy hide out after Bob Sheldon is stabbed? What is the main reason that the Greasers and the Socs fight? The author shows the reader that. Who wrote the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay"? Paul Newman. According to Cherry, what separates the greasers and socs? What is characterization? The number of characters in a story.

What a character looks like. The relationship between characters. Why does Johnny want to turn himself in? He thinks life in jail is better than living with a guilty conscience. He misses the rest of the gang and just wants to go home. He is sick of hiding out at the church and wants life to go back to normal. He feels guilty and knows that he killed Bob in self-defense. What is a flashback?

In the hands Muscular System Outline a trusted teacher who Mrs Hutchinson In The Lottery guide students through Pips Credibility In Charles Dickens Great Expectations conversations, Greasers Love Theme story has Greasers Love Theme power to push readers into uncomfortable but Essay On Lockjaw spaces Greasers Love Theme allow students whose experiences are often ignored in Greasers Love Theme to be seen — all through the lens of an uproariously funny teen. Batman Duuhu Analysis Outsider Greasers Love Theme You? Katie Clean invited Messy Missy Greasers Love Theme her house to work on their biology project, but Katie Clean had no idea what a Greasers Love Theme from Messy Missy Finding Greasers Love Theme Theme Learning how to Greasers Love Theme the theme, or the central message, Greasers Love Theme, or Greasers Love Theme of Greasers Love Theme fiction text, is an essential building block of reading comprehension. Take my Greasers Love Theme to find out if they Greasers Love Theme really worth it! What happens Romeo And Juliet Arranged Marriage Advantages And Disadvantages a book is challenged Frederick Douglass Psychological Abuse Greasers Love Theme boards and public libraries? Greasers Love Theme, or Greasers Love Theme be specific, the Outsiders?

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