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How Does Arthur Miller Return To Present The Present In All My Sons

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All My Sons

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Play written by Arthur Miller. For the Kim Wilde single, see View from a Bridge. Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved October 4, Archived from the original on December 11, Retrieved October 22, The New York Times. Retrieved January 25, Archived from the original on March 22, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved Retrieved February 28, DC Metro Theater Arts. Goodman Theatre.

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First edition cover. Theatre World Award. Best Revival. Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play. Outer Critics Circle Award. Best Revival of a Play. Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play. Best Direction of a Play. Outstanding Revival of a Play. Outstanding Actor in a Play. Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play. Outstanding Director of a Play. Outstanding Sound Design. Outstanding Lighting Design. Laurence Olivier Award. Best Actor. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Best Director. Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play. Best Sound Design of a Play. Best Set Design. Best Lighting Design. Best Sound Design. Best Scenic Design of a Play. He pulls some strings and succeeds in getting Javier, Strauss, Arthur and himself on board as well as befriending the dealer to rig a poker game.

While onboard, Javier manages to pose as a guard on the riverboat and Strauss finds a seat in Arthur's view. Arthur then gets into the poker game with Desmond Blythe and some others on the boat, and with Strauss's help in cheating, Arthur wins. After losing all of his money to Arthur, Blythe offers one final bet, in which he uses his Reutlinger pocket watch as credit. Arthur accepts Blythe's offer and beats him. The pit boss arrives and congratulates Arthur on his win, before escorting both him and Javier upstairs to the vault where the Reutlinger is located. After he opens up the vault, Javier and Arthur point their guns at him and tell him to surrender his hidden pistol.

While Arthur loots the vault, the pit boss draws a second hidden gun, so Arthur is forced to shoot him. Unfortunately, the sound of the gunshot alerts the guards, who rush to see what happened. Arthur and Javier reunite with Strauss and Trelawny, but the guards discover that they were the culprits and attack them. After fighting off some of the guards, the group jump off the ship and swim to shore, where they divide the spoils.

Later on, Arthur goes to talk to an Indian chief named Rains Fall. He finds him at Saint Denis, along with his son Eagle Flies. Rains Fall tells Arthur that the US Army plans on moving his tribe off of their land , and he has a proposition for him. He asks Arthur to steal incriminating documents from the Cornwall Refinery, which could potentially put a stop to their relocation. Arthur accepts, and later sneaks into the refinery using a wagon destined for the storage area. After forcing a man to give him the papers, he makes his escape. After being held at gunpoint by a group of guards, Eagle Flies causes an explosion, distracting them and allowing Arthur to quickly gun them down.

The two escape together, after which Eagle Flies pays Arthur and says that he hopes that the documents will help. In camp, Susan tells Arthur that Tilly has been kidnapped by the Foreman brothers and that they need to go and rescue her. They come across a safehouse and rescue Tilly, before setting off to find Anthony Foreman , the leader. After he is captured, he is brought back to Tilly, where the player is given a choice to either kill him or spare him, with Susan advocating the former, and Tilly the latter. No matter which option is chosen, Tilly will not be disturbed by the Foreman brothers ever again. Sadie asks Arthur to talk and tells him that Kieran has disappeared and she is worried about him. Almost immediately after she has finished speaking, Kieran's decapitated body comes into camp and O'Driscolls assault the gang.

The gang attempts to hold them off at the road, but are forced to retreat inside the plantation house. It is then that Dutch realizes that Sadie is outside, and is fighting for her life. Arthur charges out and kills the people attacking Sadie, but she refuses to go inside, preferring to avenge her husband. The two engage members of the enemy gang, and force the O'Driscolls to retreat. At some point in this chapter, Arthur can join Micah in robbing a stagecoach, bringing Bill along. As well as this, he can also rob a stagecoach with Lenny, although it proves to be a setup. Additionally, Arthur can also go rustling with Uncle. Dutch tells Arthur to come over and tells him that the two of them, as well as Lenny, are going to rob the Saint Denis trolley station after getting a tip from Angelo Bronte.

The three break into the station and hold the clerks at gunpoint, before realizing that only ninety dollars are in the vault. The three then attempt to escape, but police are now everywhere. They board a trolley and use it to ride out of the city centre. The trolley eventually crashes, forcing the three to fight the policemen on foot. Eventually, they commandeer a stagecoach and ride to safety. Dutch then comments on how he thinks Lenny saved them, and Arthur gives them each fifteen dollars. Later, Arthur is contacted by Mary, who asks him to meet her in Saint Denis.

Arthur does so, and Mary tells Arthur that she is very worried about her father , who is sinking ever deeper into whoring, drinking and gambling. Mary eventually encounters her father, who storms out soon after she begins talking to him. Gillis sells a brooch to. Recognizing it as a family heirloom from her mother, Mary confronts him about it while Arthur chases Ashton to get the brooch back. Afterwards, Mary asks Arthur to run away with her, but Arthur declines, saying that he is a wanted man which would only put her in danger, and that he has people to take care of. Realising that Arthur would never renounce the life of an outlaw, Mary says goodbye and the two part ways. Back at camp, Dutch asks Arthur to come to the balcony, and he tells him that he and Hosea can't agree on what to do next and that he is the tiebreaker.

Dutch says that he wants to kill Angelo Bronte for tricking them, and says it will make robbing the bank easier. Hosea, meanwhile, says the plan is foolhardy, and will only endanger them. Arthur sides with Dutch and the two go to Lagras where they are going to broker a deal with a fisherman named Thomas. Dutch talks to him, and they agree that they will aid him in finding his assistant who has gone missing.

In exchange, he will ferry the gang to Bronte's mansion. The three men find him in the swamp, bring him to the boat, and start rowing back to Lagras. Unfortunately, along the way, they are attacked by a massive alligator. He bites the young man's leg and throws him into the water. They pull him out, then shoot at the giant alligator , scaring it off, before returning to Lagras. When Arthur returns to Lagras, the gang boards Thomas's boat and make their way toward Angelo Bronte's mansion. Once there, the gang gets shot at and takes cover and opens fire on the guards positioned in the courtyard. Reinforcements arrive, but the gang secures the area, and approach the door.

Arthur blasts the lock off of the door, and the gang begins clearing the rooms. Arthur goes upstairs and enters a room, only to be surprise attacked by the crime lord. After subduing Bronte, Arthur carries him downstairs, and they head toward the boat. Unfortunately, policemen hear the gunshots and arrive, forcing the gang to fight their way to the boat. Once on the boat, they set off to Lagras, planning on ransoming back Bronte. Bronte, however, believes that the gang will turn on Dutch for money. He offers thousands of dollars to whoever kills Dutch, and when no one takes him up on the offer, begins insulting Dutch.

An enraged Dutch responds by drowning Bronte and then throwing his body overboard to be ravaged by alligators, shocking the rest of the gang. The gang readies and rides out the next morning, and on the ride, Dutch goes over the plan. Hosea and Abigail will cause a diversion to divert police away from the bank, while the rest of the gang will enter the bank's front doors. Once inside, Arthur loots the safe, when suddenly the Pinkertons arrive.

The bank is completely surrounded, and Agent Milton calls for them to surrender, holding Hosea hostage. After refusing Dutch's pleads for negotiation, Milton shoots Hosea in the chest, killing him. The gang attacks the Pinkertons in full force and a shootout ensues. Dutch instructs Arthur to use dynamite to blow a hole through the side of the bank in order to create a path of escape. Arthur blows open the wall and makes his way to the rooftop, where he proceeds to lay down cover fire so the gang to make a run for it. The gang joins Arthur on the roof without John, who has been captured by the Pinkertons.

As the group tries to escape on the roof, Lenny is gunned down by Pinkertons, and Arthur pauses a moment to mourn his fallen friend. The gang then make their way to an abandoned building where they wait until nightfall, before heading to the docks where they hope to find a boat to ferry them away. Unfortunately, the police have the area under heavy surveillance, and they cannot continue. Charles causes a distraction, allowing the rest of the gang to reach the dock. They then board a ship destined for Cuba, but the boat sinks and Arthur is separated from the rest of the gang. Arthur washes up on the shore of Guarma and searches for civilization. He comes upon the gang at a campfire, but the reunion is cut short by the arrival of the local military, who arrest them and transport them in shackles to jail.

Along the way to the jail, rebels bombard the soldiers with bullets. In the confusion, Arthur collects keys from a dead soldier's corpse and uses them to unlock the shackles. After killing off the guards leading them, Hercule Fontaine , the revolutionary leader tells the gang to follow him. As they rush away, Javier is shot in the leg by reinforcements, and they are forced to leave without him.

Despite this, Hercule leads the remaining gang to a small rebel outpost, stocked with rifles. Reinforcements soon arrive, but the gang and Hercule are ultimately victorious. They then proceed to a church turned rebel outpost called La Capilla. After arriving at La Capilla, Arthur rests for a short time, before setting out to find a way off the island. One of the two things he does to get off the island is going with Dutch to rescue Javier. The two of them go to a cave where an old lady named Gloria is.

Dutch pays her a gold ingot to lead them through the cave, up to a ladder that would bring them up to Aguasdulces. It is then that she demands more money, and when Dutch can't pay the rest of the promised money, she pulls a knife on him. Dutch then grabs her, and kills her, prompting dismay from Arthur. The two of them then enter Aguadulces, where they see Colonel Fussar and a group of soldiers, who are dragging Javier along with a donkey and beating him for information on who the gang are. The pair quickly begins looking for ways to find a distraction, which they find in the sugar refinery. Dutch cuts up the bags of sugar, spilling it all over the floor, before they blow up the furnace.

In the distraction, they fight their way to Javier. After Dutch picks him up, they flee the settlement, until they reach the river of Arroyo de la Vibora. At the river, Arthur tells Dutch to take Javier while he holds the bank. Waves of enemies assault his position, but Arthur prevails and departs. Arthur then goes and investigates a group of workers who have disappeared.

Arthur is unfortunately captured, and imprisoned with two other militants. A guard approaches him and is about to beat him up when he attacks. Arthur swiftly slays the guard, and then with another militant sneak through the camp. They save three men from execution, before engaging and defeating the soldiers. After doing this, he goes with the gang to Cinco Torres. Here, they see a Cuban warship approaching, and swarms of enemies attacking. The gang and Hercule shoot at them from above, until they reach the fort. Hercule, Dutch, and Arthur then rush out and clear out the soldiers that are preparing to take the fort. They then rush back to the top of Cinco Torres and man the cannon as the warship approaches.

After many shots, the warship falls, and they begin planning on making their escape off the island. The gang is preparing to leave when they see a gun battery preventing their escape. Realizing it has to be silenced, the gang assaults the battery, and Arthur blows up the cannons. They then set out cutting their way to the ship. While fighting Aguasdulces, Arthur breaks into the worker's cabin to find the captain and is put on gunpoint by Levi Simon. Dutch breaks in, and puts Simon on gunpoint before Fussar aims his own gun at Dutch.

The standoff ends when Arthur kicks the ship captain his rifle, and he kills Simon by shooting him in the chest. Fussar flees the cabin in the confusion and runs. They then set out fighting their way to the ship in earnest, when they find Fussar has occupied the final tower with a machine gun. Arthur blows down the tower, killing Fussar and allowing the gang to depart the island at last. As he prepares to head out, a group of Pinkertons arrives; Arthur either leaves silently and without alerting them or fights them. Regardless of his choice, he heads to Lakay immediately after.

When he arrives, he finds the entire gang who weren't stranded on Guarma. However, their reunion is cut short by the arrival of Agent Milton and a group of Pinkerton agents who attack the camp, with the help of Sadie and Bill they repel the attack with the aid of the Gatling gun. Sadie then asks Arthur to meet her at some point in Saint Denis so they can brainstorm how best to break John out of prison. Dutch orders Arthur to clear out an old hideout called Beaver Hollow , home to a group of cannibals called the Murfree Brood , Arthur brings Charles along, and Arthur tells Charles about Guarma while he tells Arthur about the scramble to flee to Lakay.

Eventually, whether through canoe or horse riding, they eventually reach Beaver Hollow. The pair sneaks through the camp, quietly killing the enemies until the alarm is sounded. The two then forcibly storm the hollow and clear out all the enemies. In doing so, they find a young girl named Meredith , who had been captured and tortured by the Brood. Arthur takes her back to her mother in Annesburg , before returning to the Hollow where the rest of the gang has assembled.

Drunk, Molly then stumbles into the camp and says that she was the rat, telling the Pinkertons about the Saint Denis Bank robbery. While the rest of the gang looks on shocked, Susan puts an end to her by peppering her with a shotgun. Arthur goes to Saint Denis to meet Sadie, but is seized by a violent coughing fit and collapses. A stranger escorts him to a clinic, and a doctor named Joseph R. Barnes diagnoses Arthur with tuberculosis, having contracted it from Thomas Downes several months earlier. Arthur is overcome with emotion at this news, as such an illness would mean certain death.

The news shakes Arthur to his core and ultimately causes him to change and become a better man. Arthur meets up with Sadie following his diagnosis. She says that she wants to survey the prison to make sure that John is actually there before launching a rescue attempt, and has paid a hot air balloon operator, Arturo Bullard , to give Arthur a tour. Arthur then uses the balloon to inspect Sisika Penitentiary to see if John is still there. He spots John working field detail and the guard opens fire, forcing them to leave. When they reach the mainland, Arthur spots Sadie being chased by a group of O'Driscolls and opens fire upon them from the balloon. Bullard is shot and killed by the rival gang, and the balloon crashes.

Arthur and Sadie then engage the assailants in a bloody gunfight in which they are victorious. Arthur then heads to the docks at Copperhead Landing, located a few miles from Sisika Penitentiary, to help Sadie break John out of prison. Abigail protests that she should come, but Sadie and Arthur shut her down saying that she would be an extra burden. Abigail reluctantly accepts this and thanks them for what they are doing, before Arthur and Sadie sail and dock along the islands shore.

The pair climb a watchtower that overlooks the fields, and take down the guard in the tower, before opening fire and killing two other guards in the fields. They take a prison guard named Milliken captive, and Milliken tells them that John is not working that day. With Milliken hostage, they march up to the main gate of the fortress and tell them that they want to trade John for the guard. They make the trade, and the three flee the island with enemy guards hot in pursuit.

Arthur is called on by Dutch and Micah to go help them confront Cornwall in Annesburg. They hide in the harbor, near to where Cornwall is expected to arrive. Dutch waits with Arthur, while Micah is sent to follow one of Cornwall's aides. After hearing Cornwall talking to the Pinkertons, Dutch reveals himself. Cornwall refuses, and Dutch shoots him in the chest, killing him. Pinkertons and hired guns swarm the gang, and the three men narrowly fight their way out of town. During the operation, Micah manages to steal papers from the Cornwall company, which he and Dutch keep so that they might make plans. Arthur and Dutch disguise themselves as police officers and Sadie disguises herself as a lady of high society, all to lessen the chances of them being recognized.

They find two O'Driscolls in the crowd and realize that there is a sniper on top of the building. Arthur eliminates the sniper, Dutch and Sadie capture the O'Driscolls, and with no one left to save him from the noose, Colm is hanged. Sadie then kills both her hostage and Dutch's in a fit of rage, leading to a shootout. Arthur receives a letter from Mary, which says that she wishes to cut ties with him, as it is the only way she can move on, while expressing regret that they could never be together. As well as sending Arthur a letter, she also sends him back his wedding ring. Mary was, however, unaware that Arthur was terminally ill with Tuberculosis and that he would die soon.

The papers that Micah stole reveal a large shipment of dynamite being transported from Annesburg to Saint Denis, so Bill and Arthur are sent to intercept it and take it for the gang. They go to Van Horn Trading Post and set up an ambush: Bill plays drunk in the middle of the road and Arthur positions himself afar so that he may act as a sniper. When the stagecoach stops, the two open fire on the guards and seize the carriage. Waves of hired guns pursue them, but the pair manage to fend them off and escape with their lives. Once they get to safety, Micah instructs John to take the dynamite to Bacchus Bridge , and then asks Arthur to join him there later on to set up the dynamite. Arthur is also tasked by Strauss to go after two debtors: a deserter from Fort Wallace named J.

John Weathers , and Arthur Londonderry , a miner. Arthur first goes after Weathers, who offers supplies from the wagon to pay off his debt, only to be attacked by soldiers who were after him. Arthur is forced to help Weathers defend the wagon, but the wagon is set alight by a lantern and destroyed. Arthur then goes after Londonderry, only to find out that he has died.

Arthur then goes after the widow looking for the money, but after finding her and seeing that she and her son are destitute, Arthur can choose to either absolve the debt, or do that in addition to giving Mrs. Londonderry some money to live on. Arthur returns to camp, angry at the suffering Strauss had caused. He tells Strauss to get up and takes him over to where his belongings are. Confused at what Arthur is doing, Strauss protests, but Arthur ignores his attempts at reconciliation. He throws money at Strauss' feet and orders him to leave, which Strauss does.

Arthur meets with John by Bacchus Bridge , and the two blow it up in order to cut off the government supplies. This endeavor almost costs them their lives, as they are almost struck by the train. Afterwards, John tells Arthur that he is afraid for his family due to Dutch's descent into madness. Arthur tells John that he agrees, and John tells him that Abigail thinks that she knows where the money is. Arthur tells him to investigate further and talk to him afterwards. Eagle Flies rides into Beaver Hollow and tells the gang that the army stationed at Fort Wallace has taken their horses, and he needs help to get them back.

Dutch, seeing an opportunity to damage the government, agrees. The four of them swim to the boat, sneak on board, and knock out the guards. They then grab the horses and flee back to shore. After reaching the shore, Eagle Flies and Dutch take the horses back to the reservation , while Arthur goes to meet Rains Fall. Arthur reaches the reservation and meets Rains Fall. After the Indian chief realizes that Arthur has tuberculosis, he tells him that he has some things that could ease the pain and they go riding out onto the mountain looking for the herbs. While traveling, a man named Captain Monroe asks for his help, and Arthur pledges to help him. After gathering up all the herbs, the two go to a sacred place to the Wapiti, only to find it burned and its sacred objects were gone.

After realizing that it was the Army's doing, Arthur sneaks into the camp, steals the objects back, and gives them to Rains Fall, who thanks him. The two then return to camp and separate. Arthur goes and meets up with Monroe, who shows him a young child who has caught smallpox, due to Colonel Favours stopping a shipment of vaccines from reaching the reservation. Disgusted by this, Arthur demands that Monroe show him where the shipment is traveling. He then rides after the wagon carrying the vaccines and steals them back. He then returns to the reservation with the supplies and gives them to Monroe. Dutch tells him that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon to tar and feather them.

However, Arthur sees that Dutch is simply using them and not helping them. He tries to dissuade Dutch from being involved, only to be disappointed when Dutch brushes off his concerns. Reluctantly, Arthur gets to work; he and Dutch place dynamite next to the trees and wait for the soldiers to arrive. When they do, Dutch pushes the detonator and the trees collapse, blocking the road.

The group demands that the soldiers surrender, but Army reinforcements arrive and swarm the would-be ambushers. Arthur, Dutch, and the Indians fight their way down the pass, but the majority of the Indians are killed or captured, forcing Arthur and Dutch to run. They flee to the top of a cliff, and after being surrounded by the army, jump to the safety of the waters below. During the meeting, Arthur breaks out in a fit of coughing and has to take a break in a tent.

In the tent, he hears that Favours plans on executing Monroe, and puts himself on his guard. After the meeting breaks down, Favours arrests Monroe and announces his plans to execute him. Charles and Arthur attack, grab him and flee. They hide behind a rock and defeat the army in a long battle, before taking the captain to Emerald Station. Charles and Arthur learn that Eagle Flies is being held at Fort Wallace, and decide to break him out.

They cross the river and ride up the fort, where they wait until night. They then slay several sentries silently with bows, before climbing the back wall with a rope. They then slay several guards on the walls, before attacking the army and fighting their way into the jail. After releasing Eagle Flies, they blow a hole in the back wall and run to canoes lying along the river. Although soldiers attempt to shoot them out of the canoes, they succeed in escaping the area, and Charles brings Eagle Flies back to his father. Eagle Flies shows up at Beaver Hollow with a large force of warriors from the reservation and tells the gang that the army raided the reservation.

He then asks for the gangs to help in destroying the Cornwall company refinery in retaliation. It is then that Rains Fall rides in, and begs for his tribe not to go to war. They instead ride off, leaving the gang behind. After a quick discussion, the majority of the gang follows. When they arrive at the scene, they see many that many of the Wapiti Indians have been killed. Arthur soon spots Eagle Flies, and the gang splits into two groups — with Arthur leading a force to rescue Eagle Flies. They succeed in rescuing Eagle Flies, and then meet up with Dutch's force near the warehouse. After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur enter, and take the government bonds. As they leave, however, a pipe bursts, which incapacitates Arthur. Immediately afterwards, more soldiers arrive, while Dutch leaves Arthur to die.

Just before he can be killed by the soldiers, however, Eagle Flies appears and kills the soldiers in rapid succession, only to be fatally shot in the abdomen by Colonel Favours himself. Favours then turns towards Arthur to kill him too, but Arthur manages to shoot and kill him first. He then exits the warehouse, and after a brief exchange with Dutch over the latter abandoning him, Arthur takes Eagle Flies back to the reservation with Charles and Paytah. When they reach the reservation, Eagle Flies succumbs to his wounds, while Arthur says goodbye to Charles, who stays with the Indians to help them escape the Army.

Soon after leaving the reservation, Arthur suffers from a second, severe coughing fit and falls into unconsciousness. Luckily for him, the German family who he had helped earlier that year find him and take him to Annesburg, where Arthur regains consciousness. Dutch announces to the gang that they are pulling off one more big heist, before leaving the country. He tells them that they are going to rob an Army train going through Saint Denis, containing payroll and supplies to repair Bacchus Bridge. They ride to Saint Denis, but the train goes right through the city and so they are forced to go in pursuit of it. After boarding the train, swarms of enemies assault the gang, and although Arthur fights them off, John is shot in the left shoulder after uncoupling a burning train carriage.

Dutch says that he will rescue him, and goes after him while the rest of the gang eliminate the final soldiers guarding the train and take the loot. After this, Dutch appears and tells him that John had died, leaving Arthur saddened. As they return, they come across Tilly, who says that Abigail has been captured. Dutch and Micah decide to leave her, followed by the others. Refusing to leave his old friend to die and have Jack become an orphan, Arthur and Sadie go to Van Horn where she is being held.

Arthur covers Sadie from a lighthouse while she fights her way through the town, but after reaching the building where Abigail is being held, she is ambushed by two Pinkertons and captured. Arthur then fights his way through the town to rescue her and kills the guards who she was ambushed by, only to be held at gunpoint by Agent Milton. Milton tells him that Micah betrayed the gang and fed information to the Pinkertons since his return from Guarma, before being locked in a struggle with Arthur.

Arthur takes Abigail back to Tilly and Jack, and tells them to leave with Sadie, while he confronts Micah. Before she leaves, Abigail gives Arthur the keys to Dutch's money stash and tells him where to find the money before saying goodbye. Arthur walks into camp, and announces that Micah is the traitor, which results in Micah and Arthur drawing on each other. At first, no one is willing to take sides, until John stumbles into camp saying that Dutch left him to die. Susan also sides with Arthur, and threatens Micah with a shotgun. Unfortunately for her, Javier announces that Pinkertons are coming, distracting her and allowing Micah to kill her. The rest of the gang unites behind Dutch and Micah, but Pinkertons arrive before Arthur and John can be killed by the others.

Arthur and John escape through the cave, where Arthur reveals to him that Micah is the rat. After reaching the surface Arthur tells John that his family are safe at Copperhead Landing , and tells him to make a good life for him and his family with second chance he has before they are forced to escape into the woods, with Dutch and the others on their tail, exclaiming that John and Arthur are traitors. Eventually, Arthur and John have their horses shot from under them, forcing them to go on foot after killing Pinkerton attackers. Arthur then has a difficult choice to make: he can either return for the money or assist John's escape. If Arthur helps John to escape: Arthur continues on with John and the two head towards the mountains.

Eventually, Arthur tells John to continue alone while he holds off the Pinkertons, before giving him his hat and belongings. John reluctantly parts ways with Arthur, while the latter is attacked by Micah; both men fall from a ledge onto the ground below, and subsequently engage in a lengthy fistfight. After a lengthy brawl, in which both men sustain numerous physical injuries, Arthur manages to pistol-whip Micah across the face with one of his revolvers after being pinned against a wall, but loses his grip on it. Arthur then crawls towards this revolver in order to kill Micah, but is ultimately prevented from doing so by Dutch.

Arthur tells Dutch again that Micah is the rat, that he gave him everything, and that John is the only one who made it, while Micah picks up another of his revolvers from the ground and prompts Dutch to come with him and get the money. In the end, Dutch discontentedly walks away, abandoning both Arthur and Micah. If Arthur goes back for the money: Arthur gives John his hat and belongings and leaves John to flee by himself, before fighting his way back to the gang's camp, where he manages to find the sack of money in Dutch's chest inside the cavern.

As he exits the caves, he is suddenly attacked by Micah and stabbed in the side with his own knife. After wrestling Micah off him and taking back his knife, Micah takes out his own blade and the two engage in a knife fight. Depending on how Arthur died, a deer basking in the sunlight High Honor or a coyote in the rain Low Honor is seen, while the song "Crash of Worlds" by Rocco DeLuca plays in the background its tone differs according to Honor. At some point after his death, Arthur's body was found by Charles Smith, who buried him in a beautiful location facing the evening sun, the way he would have wanted. The grave can be found in Ambarino, northeast of Bacchus Bridge. Arthur's attempt in giving Marston a second chance in life proved fruitful as, eight years later, John and his family manage to buy land in Beecher's Hope to live a new life as ranchers.

Arthur's death is avenged in when John, Sadie and Charles manage to track down Micah and his gang at Mount Hagen. Micah gets his comeuppance and is jointly killed by John and Dutch for betraying the Van der Linde gang to the Pinkertons. Ironically, John's act of hunting down Micah and avenging Arthur's death ultimately leads to Edgar Ross kidnapping his family and his own death four years later. John will be shown completing Arthur's journal while uttering the words "Guess we're just about done, my friend" before the cutscene transitions back to normal gameplay. Arthur Morgan is a cold, brooding outlaw who often resorts to violence and has very few qualms about killing.

At his worst Arthur could be extremely ruthless and completely unsympathetic to the people he hurts. Despite being capable of committing such violence, Arthur does have a playful side to his personality that comes out around those he is friendly with. Having a gentle demeanor around the young boy in contrast to his threatening persona. Dutch also raised Arthur to believe that revenge is a fruitless endeavor. It seems that Arthur strictly believes that violence should be cold, necessary and without feeling, never out of personal enjoyment or without reason. Arthur cannot be bought, bullied or intimidated. Regardless of an antagonist's size, strength, wealth, or power.

He is fully self-aware of his imposing nature and the effect that his own force of intimidation can have on others. Although Arthur demonstrates time after time that he fears no man, he does fear for the safety of those he cares about. Supremely confident in his ability to handle any situation or overcome any adversary, Arthur rarely shows any hesitation and will engage in combat even when outnumbered. Revealing to her that he is afraid of his own impending death as a result of his terminal diagnosis.

Though he justifies his own actions as being different from most criminals, as the Van der Linde gang carries a philosophy that Arthur genuinely believed could help people. Arthur's degradation of faith in Dutch caused him to go through an existential crisis. Perhaps most disturbing to Arthur was seeing how easily Dutch could influence younger, disenfranchised men such as Eagle Flies to commit acts of violence for him. Undoubtedly this gave Arthur a new perspective on his own childhood and how Dutch had been taking advantage of him. With his faith in Dutch and the Van der Linde gang crushed, and learning that he is terminally ill with tuberculosis, Arthur gained insight into his own feelings, opening up to Rains Fall about traumatic experiences including the death of his own son, Isaac.

He also said how his terminal tuberculosis diagnosis made him see the world "more clearly", telling Mary-Beth that the world seemed "better, almost". Regarding Arthur's general attitude, he is stoic and humble, and never feels a need to prove himself to other members of the gang. Arthur has, in various forms and for various reasons, been called an "idiot" and a "fool" by others, but often brushes off these criticisms. The only person who's criticisms seem to affect Arthur are from Mary Linton , his former lover. Though he often kept his complicated, mixed feelings about his past with her to himself. Arthur quietly pondered what his life could have been like had he and Mary stayed together.

Arthur is cunning and rather intelligent. He demonstrates more self-awareness than almost everyone else in the gang, allowing him to maintain his cool demeanor, especially under pressure, and not fall under the weight of vindicating himself. Unlike most people during the time period, Arthur is quite progressive in his views concerning women and minorities. He is seen to be disgusted by racism and has no qualms with the women in camp doing work traditionally associated with men. Regarding his religious beliefs, Arthur mentions that he's irreligious, but he does appear to believe in some form of afterlife. With low honor Arthur can be seen as a selfish person thinking of himself solely, such as caring about his own survival, even prioritizing revenge on Micah and getting the gang's money stash over helping John and his family.

As seen in an old photograph on Arthur's wagon, before , Arthur was seen as a young man wearing a brown vest and trousers with a bandana around his neck. As of , Arthur is approximately 36 years of age, with a muscular build perfect for his position, and a head of thick, brown hair, with green eyes. He also has a scar near his chin, which is visible when his facial hair is around level 2 and 3. Arthur's physical appearance can be influenced by the player. The player can choose his hair style, clothing and cleanliness.

Players must also take basic care of Arthur, which in turn influences his appearance. A healthy Arthur will retain his stocky appearance. Over-feeding him will lead to weight gain, giving him more health but limiting his stamina, while neglecting nutrition will thin Arthur out, negatively affecting his health but increasing his stamina. During his time in Guarma, Arthur's face is red and sunburnt, with both his hair and beard growing progressively longer as there is no way to shave or cut his hair. Arthur is also underweight, due to a lack of food, and he only wears one outfit, the remnants of the suit he wore during the Saint Denis bank heist.

After returning from Guarma, Arthur's health takes a turn for the worse as his tuberculosis progresses. He looks increasingly sickly and his face becomes pale, with his eyes becoming watery and red in the corners; he also develops eye bags, as a result of constant coughing. Arthur also loses his muscular appearance and begins looking thin and sickly. As Arthur is the central character of the game, he has relationships with important characters related to him in the game. Arthur can partake various relationships throughout his life as an outlaw especially within the Van der Linde gang or outside of it.

Dedicated and commanding a broad skill set, he is always willing and able to do whatever is needed in a given situation to help the gang as a whole or its individual members. Arthur is widely regarded by allies and foes alike as the single-most dangerous member of the Van der Linde gang, and he is recognized and feared as its primary enforcer. By , his reputation is such that fellow gang members and enemies regularly comment on his ability and stature in the gang. On multiple occasions, he is the target of attempted ambush, assassination, capture, or bribery, with Pinkerton and rival gang leaders hoping to eliminate him or turn him against Dutch and the gang. His proficiency, versatility, and ferocity, combined with his natural strength and toughness, prove him to be a peerless combatant.

Unfortunately for her, Javier What Were The Legal Issues Involved In King Charles Is Trial that Pinkertons are coming, distracting her and allowing Micah to kill her. One hundred years later, Kant entered the arena on the side of How Does Arthur Miller Return To Present The Present In All My Sons. She explained How Does Arthur Miller Return To Present The Present In All My Sons Speech Recognition System was Victor who kidnapped her on the way to try to kill Peter.

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