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Marathon Oil Norway

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Marathon Petroleum Corporation success story - American petroleum refining company- Michael Hennigan

However, any post-election horse trading is likely to be fraught for Labor. But if their opening position is to end exploration, that is not going to happen. Eide says a possible compromise might be found by focusing on where oil exploration can be carried out in the future. But there is one thing I fear more than what was in the report, and that is that apathy and hopelessness will take over. People could think this is such a huge problem that we cannot do anything. But we can. We can do a lot to solve it. It just has to start now. Election forecasts will be released when voting closes at 9 p. The final official tally for the member parliament, usually comes at some point overnight, but experts believe the results could come quicker this year with a record number of people having already made their choice in advance voting.

Shell was a crucial partner to the Allies in both World Wars. During World War I, Shell became the main fuel supplier of the British army and also offered all of its ships to the British Admiralty, including the Murex. The inter-war years were a time of rapid expansion for oil companies as the use of motor cars and demand for petrol increased. Shell fuelled the first trans-Atlantic flight made by Alcock and Brown in , developed new and improved drilling techniques and, in , founded Shell Chemicals to advance the refinement of chemicals from oil. All Shell tankers came under Government control and many Shell staff showed great bravery in keeping them going, including the flying ace Douglas Bader who worked in the aviation department of Asiatic Petroleum before joining the RAF in War was also a catalyst for great innovation, with major advances in both fuel and chemicals research, including the development of fuels for new generations of aircraft such as the Spitfire.

The immediate post-war years were some of the toughest Shell had yet faced. Reconstruction was very expensive and the market for oil was changing rapidly. Against this backdrop Shell launched new exploration programmes in Africa and South America and built new refineries in the UK. The company also invested in larger and higher-powered ships — supertankers — in order to carry more oil in bulk. In , the first commercially viable offshore well was drilled in the Gulf of Mexico and within 8 years the company had over such wells. New discoveries were also made in Borneo and the Niger Delta, and commercial production of oil in Nigeria began in A number of scientific advances at this time boosted the demand for oil, including the invention of the jet engine — its architect Sir Frank Whittle even worked for the company for a number of years.

The Groningen gas field in the Netherlands was also discovered at the start of the decade, followed by the discovery of gas in the North Sea. This time was also a golden period of research by Shell Chemicals and the company also took the decision to internationalise, placing local people in top positions to make the most of homegrown talent in each country. At the same time, Shell was a partner in the first sea transportation of liquefied natural gas LNG in — from the Algeria to the UK — opening up a whole new market for the business. Instability in the Middle East at the end of the s and the start of the s led to a quadrupling of oil prices and meant that the era of cheap energy came to an end.

In response, Shell began to diversify, in particular into coal, nuclear power and metals. Shell also began to look beyond the traditional oil-producing countries for supplies and stepped up exploration in the North Sea and in the USA. In the s Shell began to grow through acquisitions. To adjust to the lower oil price Shell had to focus on developing projects more cheaply. Intensive research led to huge improvements in drilling techniques and the use of 3D seismic technology to search for new oil sources became widespread.

These advances enabled the company to develop offshore projects in much more challenging environments. The Troll field in Norway was one example, another was in the Gulf of Mexico where a new well was drilled at a depth of 2. The s saw biomass and gas-to-liquids GTL technologies make giant leaps forward. The Guardian. July 10, Los Angeles Times. Google Finance Yahoo! Standard Oil Company, Inc. John D. Rockefeller William Rockefeller Jr. John Dustin Archbold Jabez A. The Ohio Oil Co. Atlantic Refinering Standard Oil Co. United States Standard Oil Co. United States Standard Stations Category Commons. Petroleum industry. Petroleum Primary energy. Core sampling Geophysics Integrated asset modelling Petroleum engineering Reservoir simulation Seismic to simulation Petroleum geology Petrophysics Reflection seismology Seismic inversion Seismic source.

Acronyms Abandoned or Orphan wells Oil shale gas Peak oil mitigation timing People Petrocurrency Petrodollar recycling Petrofiction Shale band Shale gas Swing producer Unconventional oil heavy crude oil sands oil shale tight oil. Major petroleum companies. National oil companies. Major services companies. Authority control. United States 2 3 Czech Republic. Microsoft Academic. Namespaces Article Talk.

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