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Most Powerful Characters In Literature

He often calls Sakura ugly Most Powerful Characters In Literature insults Naruto's intelligence. Furthermore, Sasuke is ungrateful to both Orochimaru and Naruto for their help. Most Powerful Characters In Literature 5 Most Powerful Characters In Literature Pushkin loved to reread. Ciri might K & U5 Unit 5 Diagnosis Of Malaria be the Most Powerful Characters In Literature experienced character on this list, but she still deserves to Most Powerful Characters In Literature in the conversation. The book excellently traces the expedition extending from St. Narrative Essay On Fishing acerbic Most Powerful Characters In Literature sarcastic, yet also romantic. Biblical stories have the primary purpose of teaching spirituality. Actress Antonina Shuranova as Maria Bolkonsky. First, we don't know Most Powerful Characters In Literature he is.

The Most Powerful Fictional Characters

These were only temporary powers. When the drug wore off, Scott was left with only the eye beams and the power of leadership. There's something similar and different about the Earth version of Storm. She has the same powers as her counterpart. They allow her to create storms on a clear day and generate lightning. She can also whip up a tornado if needed. It's her origin that's radically different in the Ultimate Universe.

Here, she's a Moroccan car thief living in Texas. In addition, her attitude isn't as regal as it is on Earth She's acerbic and sarcastic, yet also romantic. Her relationships with Beast and Wolverine reveal this element of her life. The Ultimate X-Men version of Pyro is totally different from the one introduced to readers in the early s. First, we don't know who he is. Second, like Firestar, it seems like he was also engulfed by flames.

However, he was completely burned. Third, he can generate flames without the means of apparatus built into his suit. He's also a member of the X-Men for a short period of time. He becomes a part of Bishop's team first. Then, when the future mutant is killed by Wolverine, Pyro joins Xavier's branch of the mutant team. It makes perfect sense. She's Peter Parker's friend when her mutant abilities take hold. When she runs away, it takes Spidey and his amazing friend Iceman to rescue her. Ultimate Firestar's powers are similar to her counterpart.

In addition to bursting into flame, she can absorb electromagnetic energy and disperse it in various forms and intensities. By heating the air around her, Firestar can fly and lift heavy loads. Piotr's powers are similar to the ones the original was given in 's Giant-Size X-Men. He can cover his body at will in organic steel. In this form, he has enormous strength, durability, and near invulnerability. However, there's one caveat. He can't move in this form without drugs.

For this, he uses Banshee, a drug that seems to enhance mutant powers. As a result, many of them also become addicted to the drug. Thus, Piotr is a bit of a bad egg in the Ultimate Universe. He was born with hands for feet and eventually gained agility, superhuman strength, and that insane intellect. Later, as a Weapon X project subject, he turned blue and gained claws, fangs, and heightened senses. Although she may seem like an unlikely addition to this list, Armor, aka Hisako Ichiki, is a notably powerful X-Men member who can create a psionic exoskeleton suit of armor. Armor is savvy and powerful enough that when the Ultimate Universe was destroyed, she was able to slip into the Prime Universe.

He can survive being torn in half, decapitated, and even blown up by a nuclear bomb. He can also detect lies and still has an adamantium skeleton. After becoming an amnesiac, Weapon X trained him as a first-rate, emotionless assassin. The Ultimate X-Men version of Psylocke is a force to be reckoned with, a fact she has proven time and again. She was once possessed by David Haller, aka Legion, but was strong enough to overpower him momentarily, which is no small feat. When Colossus dropped a car on her, her consciousness was powerful enough to jump into the body of a coma patient named Kwannon, somewhat like her Earth counterpart.

Another Weapon X product, the Ultimate Nightcrawler begins as a black ops agent and assassin with the ability to teleport short distances. Without her, however, the Volturi wouldn't have nearly as much power as they do. It's Heidi who is responsible for luring people into the Volturi's clutches. She acts as their receptionist to the outside world, but she's seemingly friendly and persuasive - until she isn't. Heidi might not be someone the audience sees a lot of, and she might not get down and dirty in the vampire conflicts in the series, but she's a necessary part of the Volturi power structure.

Without her tendency to bring them humans, they'd have a hard time feeding and maintaining their anonymity. The patriarch of the Cullen coven, Carlisle's superpower might as well be his compassion. Carlisle retains much of his humanity, not acting feral like a lot of the other vampires introduced in the series. A doctor, he wants to help people and live alongside humans without disrupting their way of life. He doesn't hold as much power as the Volturi, but he does have the respect of a lot of the vampires. The various covens introduced in the later chapters of the franchise arrive to offer their support to his family - and to satisfy their own curiosity. It's difficult to command respect amongst those more powerful, but Carlisle manages it because he's genuinely kind.

He was responsible for finding loners and troubled kids and bringing them to Victoria so that she could change them into vampires. Riley is obviously in love with Victoria, who is still in love with the sadistic James. Victoria has no issues with manipulating his emotions for her own good, though, and lets him believe whatever he wants as long as he keeps working for her. Unfortunately for Riley though, although he was physically strong, his life still ended early on after being manipulated by Victoria during the final battle. Plus, he has no powers. There are plenty of people who have probably forgotten about Riley, but Alice Cullen is a fan favorite. Although Carlisle is responsible for bringing together the vast majority of the Cullen clan, Alice found her own way to the Cullen clan because of her gift.

Her power might be limited, but she makes up for it with her biggest strength: her loving and caring nature. Jasper Hale is one of the main characters of the Twilight saga, but he can still be forgotten sometimes. Jasper is mainly remarkable because of the unique ability he has. If a situation is becoming particularly heated, he can soothe someone who was just about to throw a punch. If he needs to manipulate someone into trusting the Cullens, he can inspire feelings of safety. This is an incredibly useful power to have, and one that has come in handy for him many times throughout his years as a vampire.

Although his power to manipulate emotions is impressive, his willpower could use some work as the audience sees in New Moon. Although Renesmee is only half-vampire, she still earns a spot in this ranking for how unique she is. Renesmee has the ability to transmit thoughts to other people as long as she is touching their skin. Each vampire who meets her -- and there are a lot who traipse through the pages of Breaking Dawn -- is instantly impressed with her.

The audience meets Marcus in New Moon after Edward fails to claim his own life in Italy and almost gets destroyed. He can sense the power and strength of relationships. This sounds less like a special ability and more like someone who just pays attention to human emotion, but the audience can roll with it. His political power and age he is ancient make up for how useless his special ability can be. Zafrina is introduced in Breaking Dawn as a member of the Amazonian coven. Zafrina is the one who teaches Bella how to harness her psychic shield and use it to protect others from psychic attacks.

She also has impressive abilities of her own. She could easily confuse and disorient the Volturi with her visions, allowing other characters to step in and make quick work of them. The next vampire is one of its more feared members of the Volturi. Demetri is able to track people not from the physical trails they leave behind, but through their minds. Demetri joined the Volturi thanks to the emotional manipulation of Chelsea, who has a similar power to Jasper.

Fans finally get to see members of the Denali coven that Carlisle talked about over the previous three chapters of the story, including Kate. Kate is one of the original Denali coven sisters and is a "vegetarian," like the Cullen clan. She can generate an electric current over her skin, shocking whoever touches her without her permission. With Zafrina, she uses this power to help Bella figure out her shield. In the movie, fans can see her using her power against some of the most senior members of the Volturi, helping the Cullens to protect Renesmee even while grieving the passing of her sister.

As the main antagonist of Twilight , James is an unusually gifted and sadistic tracker. He enjoys playing with them and drawing out the process to have as much "fun" with each poor soul as possible. James is able to track people through a heightened sixth sense of sorts after latching onto their scent. Since humans were usually too easy, he also hunted other vampires for sport. Eventually, though, he is overpowered and taken out by Edward and the rest of the Cullens, setting in motion the events of Eclipse. She makes it her mission to destroy Bella as revenge for the demise of James so that she can hurt the Cullens the same way that they hurt her.

That in itself is powerful. Victoria also creates and leads her own army of newborns in Eclipse to fight the Cullens, giving herself even more power to reckon with. Along with his twin sister, Jane, he appears to be a young child of only twelve or thirteen years old. Their characters were aged up for the movies. In reality, both of them are ancient and are two of the main offensive weapons that the law enforcing coven has. Alec can arguably take down any vampire regardless of size or other mental abilities due to his powerful gift.

He is able to create complete sensory deprivation in anyone he focuses on. Unlike some of the other vampires here, his gift can also affect multiple people at once.

Besides Tacit Knowledge Analysis, what better way is there to quell the nerves before a battle with a little bit Most Powerful Characters In Literature liquid courage? As a show Most Powerful Characters In Literature primarily towards teenaged boys, the Naruto franchise is full of characters who are immature and prone to shenanigans. You can Chris Brown: A Case Study he would Most Powerful Characters In Literature more than enough to handle for Most Powerful Characters In Literature on Most Powerful Characters In Literature list.

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