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Kaiser Wilhelm IIs Analysis

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Kaiser Wilhelm II.'s speech about WWI. - Address to the German people [TRANSLATED]

His reported observations affected the German troop dispositions at the First Battle of the Aisne. During , he became one of the first flying aces. He rose to command one of the first dedicated fighter units in August ; he scored five victories before suffering severe injuries in a crash and being dosed with narcotics while hospitalized for four months. Decamping from hospital, he returned to duty while still unwell to successively command two of Germany's original fighter squadrons.

By 24 April , when he was wounded again, he had brought his tally to 12 and won Germany's greatest honor, the Pour le Merite. On 18 August, he once again bolted from medical care to return to battle. Over the next few weeks, he scored 16 more victories before being crippled by a British bullet on 10 October With an arm at hazard of amputation, Berthold was rescued by his sister Franziska, who had the medical connections to place him under the care of a specialist. Bedridden until February , Berthold returned to duty to command one of the world's first fighter wings.

On 28 May, he began once again to fly combat, though flying one-handed and under the influence of narcotics; he shot down 14 more enemy airplanes by 8 August On 10 August, he shot down his final two victims on his final flight before being downed himself. After two days in the hospital, he once again fled treatment and return to combat. Only a direct order from Kaiser Wilhelm II returned him to medical care for the rest of the war. He died of gunshot wounds during political street fighting in Hamburg on 15 March The young child, familiarly known as Rudolf, was the first born to Helene Stief Berthold, Oskar's second wife. Oskar's first wife, Ida Anne Hoffmann Berthold, died in childbirth, leaving as survivors a daughter and three sons.

Rudolf was followed by three younger brothers, two of whom survived to adulthood. Rudolf's father was employed by a local nobleman, Oskar Freiherr von Deuster; Rudolf grew up roving the baron's great estate. Early in September , Rudolf began his education. By the time he had completed his studies at the Humanistische Neue Gymnasium New Secondary School for the Humanities in nearby Bamberg at age 14, he had adopted a personal motto from Horace : "It is sweet and fitting to die for one's Fatherland. In late , he transferred to the Altes Gymnasium Old Secondary School in Bamberg to better fit himself for military service.

He graduated on 14 July , with a reputation for being fearless, cheerful, and studious. Berthold's military career began when he joined the 3rd Brandenberg Infantry Regiment [4] in Wittenberg. After informing his family he had a "special assignment" to a flying school, Berthold underwent military flight training during July The outbreak of World War I disrupted the young aviator's progress. On 1 July, Berthold was recalled from his schooling to rejoin his infantry regiment.

After a fortnight's refresher course in soldierly skills, he was returned to flying training. On 17 July , he was officially transferred out of the 3rd Brandenbergers to aerial service. His infantry refresher course had aborted his pilot training, and he had to settle for duty as an aerial observer. On 15 August, Berthold was chosen for the unit's first reconnaissance mission. Two days later, his pilot strayed off-course; Bertholdt and his pilot landed, lost. They evaded French cavalry, to direct retrieval of their DFW biplane. In his diary, Berthold noted his decision to complete pilot's training. Berthold was also the observer on flights on 1 and 3 September. He saw panicked French troops retreating across the Marne River. Later in the month, he discovered the French counter-thrust between the German 1st and 2nd Armies.

As November's winter weather limited combat flying, Berthold arranged to continue his pilot's training at a nearby flight park. He became friends with a fellow student, Hans Joachim Buddecke. Rudolf Berthold finally qualified as a military pilot on 18 January He arranged Buddecke's transfer into FFA In June, they were finally supplied with machine guns for their aircraft; Berthold could cease futile assaults on the enemy with his pistol. At about the same time, Berthold was laid up for a fortnight with dysentery.

II bombers in August. The twin-engine giant was armed with two swiveling machine guns and manned by a pilot and two gunners. The unit also received its first single-seat fighter with a synchronized gun , a Fokker Eindekker. Berthold knew he could cross the lines searching for opponents in the AEG G. II, while the Eindekker was restricted to patrolling behind German lines. Berthold took command of the big bomber, and left the Eindekker to Buddecke.

This decision sped Buddecke on his way to being a member of the first wave of German aces that included Oswald Boelcke , Max Immelmann , and Kurt Wintgens. Meanwhile, Berthold damaged his original G. II in a landing accident on 15 September, and had to return to piloting an old two-seater. Shortly thereafter, he returned to Germany to pick up a replacement G. By 1 October, he was using it as a gunship for air defense missions, as well as for bombing.

On 6 November, one of those missions turned deadly; a British Vickers F. Berthold was depressed by his friend's death, and sent on home leave. He accompanied Ernst Freiherr von Althaus when the latter shot down enemy planes on both 5 and 28 December As the Germans pioneered use of aircraft with synchronized guns, they began to group the new aerial weapons into ad hoc units to protect reconnaissance and bombing aircraft. These new units were dubbed Kampfseinsitzer Kommando Single-seater fighter detachment. Even as the pioneering fighter units formed, on 14 January, the British Royal Flying Corps RFC Headquarters directed that any reconnaissance craft crossing into German-held territory be escorted by at least three protective aircraft.

It was Berthold's first aerial victory. He scored another three days later. Then, on 10 February, Berthold was himself downed, with a punctured fuel tank and a slightly wounded left hand. He was rewarded with one of the 12 Military Merit Orders awarded to aviators during the war. Berthold continued flying a bomber on missions as well as to patrol in his fighter. After he scored another victory, he was again honored by his native Kingdom of Bavaria , this time with the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Saint Henry on 15 April. On 25 April, Berthold made an emergency landing after enemy bullets crippled his Fokker's engine. He took off again in a Pfalz E. Besides a badly broken left leg, Berthold had suffered a broken nose and upper jaw, with attendant damage to his optic nerves.

He was prescribed narcotic painkillers for chronic pain. At that time, German military doctors used three narcotics as remedies— opium , morphine , and codeine. Doctors prescribed cocaine to counteract the somnolence of these three depressant drugs. Berthold's exact prescription is unknown. Eventually, although Berthold's eyesight returned, he was unable to fly for four months, but nevertheless remained in command of KEK Vaux. Between the message traffic brought to him, and the accounts of his visiting subordinates, he learned of ongoing casualties.

His brother Wolfram had been killed in action as an infantryman on 29 April. Max Immelmann perished in battle on 18 June. After Immelmann's death, Germany's highest scoring ace, Oswald Boelcke , was grounded for fear that his loss would be disastrous to morale. In the meantime, Berthold was scheduled to be evacuated back to Germany. Instead, in late July, he commandeered a car and returned to his unit. Unable to fly, he could still command.

He made his orderly help him bend his knee and flex strength back into his withered leg. On 24 August, Berthold scored his sixth victory, although he had to be helped into his fighter. After disallowed claims on two occasions, on 26 September, Berthold was finally credited with his eighth victory. He received his Blue Max , considered Imperial Germany 's supreme award for valor, on 12 October His was only the tenth award for aviators. Jagdstaffel 14 was newly formed when Berthold took command at Sarrebourg , France.

Its motley assortment of fighters included two Fokker E. IIIs , a Halberstadt D. II , and seven Fokker D. It had had no success when it was still the ad hoc Fokker Kampstaffel Falkenhausen. Berthold took advantage of being in a quiet sector, and trained his troops hard. He brought in new Albatros D. I and Albatros D. II replacement fighter aircraft, and renovated the officers' mess.

Anticipating the future need for air protection, Berthold made an unheeded plea for amassing air power into larger units, and supported his proposal with detailed professional analysis. In February, Jagdstaffel 14 scored only two victories. However, it was slated to move to more active duty in Laon , and began to rearm with Albatros D. III fighters. Berthold flew to Laon to find there were no quarters for his men.

He was adamant that he would not move his squadron until quarters were furnished. In mid-March, a convoy of trucks hauled the squadron kilometers mi to Marchais, France. They began operations on 17 March. Berthold had an Albatros D. III prepared as his assigned aircraft. Its guns were test-fired to check its synchronization gear. It was painted with his personal insignia of a white-winged sword of vengeance on either side of the fuselage. By September, his entire squadron had adopted his basic scheme of royal blue fuselages and scarlet cowlings , plus additional personal insignia. On 24 March, Berthold resumed his successful air assaults and was credited with four more victories by mid-April.

On 24 April he engaged a French Caudron R. This wound added more chronic pain to his misery, and caused him to convalesce at home from 23 May to 15 June. By now, his narcotics addiction was an open secret to his pilots. From reports, Berthold determined that his squadron's performance declined, and believed this was due to the lack of in-air leadership. In early August, he returned to his old training facility in Grossenhain and wrangled a medical clearance from its doctor.

Berthold returned to his unit to await the paperwork, to discover that he was being transferred to command Jagdstaffel 18 Fighter Squadron 18 in Harelbeke , Belgium, on 12 August. On 18 August, Berthold was finally certified to resume flying. Before Berthold's arrival, Jagdstaffel 18 had had little success; their new commander promptly emphasized training even as they flew combat missions. Shortly after assuming command, Berthold again pitched his idea of using fighters en masse ; 4th Armee headquarters responded by grouping Jagdstaffelen 18 , 24 , 31 , and 36 into the ad hoc Jagdgruppe 7 with Berthold in command. It was the beginning of a string of 16 aerial victories.

During September he scored 14 more victories, bringing his tally to On 2 October he scored his 28th victory, his final one of the year. During a dogfight on 10 October, a British bullet ricocheted within the cockpit of Berthold's aircraft and entered his arm at an angle that pulverized his right humerus. Berthold overcame the handicap of half-severed ailerons and remained conscious long enough to make a smooth one-handed landing at the Jagdstaffel 18 home airfield. He passed out after his safe arrival. His unconscious body was lifted from his Fokker and rushed 5 kilometers 3 mi to the field hospital in Courtrai. The Coutrai hospital lacked the facilities to heal such a complex injury; however, it sufficed to keep him alive. It was three weeks before the wounded ace was stable enough to be transferred.

On 31 October, he was shipped back to Germany. His pilots alerted his elder sister, Franziska, who was a nursing supervisor in Viktoria-Lazarett Victoria Hospital , Berlin. She arranged for her brother's diversion to the Berlin clinic of one of Germany's pre-eminent surgeons, Doctor August Bier , pioneer of cocaine usage in spinal anesthesia. Berthold entered the clinic on 2 November He was there for four months and Doctor Bier labored to save the mangled arm from amputation. Berthold spent his convalescent leave learning to write with his left hand.

He believed, "If I can write, I can fly. By February, Berthold could get out of bed. In mid-month, he volunteered to return to command of Jagdgruppe 7. He was returned to command of Jagstaffel 18 , but denied permission to fly. On 6 March, with his arm in a sling, he rejoined his old squadron at its new duty station. Within two days, on 8 March, Berthold had arranged for Hans-Joachim Buddecke's transfer into the unit to lead it in the air.

Two days later, Buddecke was killed in action. The new wing had been copied from the pioneering Jagdgeschwader II ; it was crucial to the German spring offensive that was to be launched on 21 March. Berthold was in a tenuous and stressful situation. He had suffered the loss of his best friend, left his familiar old squadron, was taking command of an unfamiliar and newly formed larger unit, and was not on flight status.

His solution to his dilemma was to take advantage of a loophole. Then he effected a wholesale exchange of Jagdstaffel 18 people and aircraft into Jagdstaffel In turn, Jagdstaffel 15 personnel and airplanes moved to Jagdstaffel 18 , completing the trade. Berthold then departed for Buddecke's funeral in Berlin on 22 March. He returned to his new assignment two days into the new German offensive, to find that the infantry divisions his wing was supposed to support were complaining about their lack of air cover. Jagdgeschwader II' s performance improved under its grounded commander's guidance, as the Germans advanced 65 kilometers 65, m in eight days. On 6 April, nine Siemens-Schuckert D. Vous ne savez pas comment faire pour obtenir de votre enfant ce que vous lui demandez?

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