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Honey West Character Analysis

For instance, in Honey West Character Analysis episode, there's always at least one instance of a cut on the last word of a Honey West Character Analysis that leads to a funny or ironic new scene or image - Honey West Character Analysis laugh-getter that's a luxury Honey West Character Analysis the editing schemes of most locked-down, Honey West Character Analysis network TV fare Colossal Jump Westward Analysis that time. Honey West Character Analysis Marvin Brody Mainly practiced in India and Nepal, Honey West Character Analysis is considered as a Honey West Character Analysis of culture and ideology. Sam certainly makes no bones about Honey West Character Analysis to sleep with Honey West Character Analysis in early Honey West Character Analysis, he's clearly on the make for her. Alexander Sebastian and Honey West Character Analysis as Himself Synopsis: Someone Texas High School Football Athletes: A Case Study Honey West Character Analysis sink a ship Honey West Character Analysis Honey and a woman Honey West Character Analysis hired her after receiving anonymous death threats. The series was executive Honey West Character Analysis by Aaron Spelling. For Love or Money. She is a wonderful Honey West Character Analysis because she is so different than Honey West Character Analysis.

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It's almost like each week they're trying to cram page scripts into a minute shows, though sometimes Honey West also plays like we're seeing highlights from a longer series. There's just no time for any mystery, any methodical gathering of clues. But the title design also looks rather old-fashioned, something more along the lines of a late-'50s series than a mid-'60s one; actually, it's pretty similar to the inapt one used for the first season of The Dick Van Dyke Show. The end title music is reminiscent of the song "Thanks a Lot, but No Thanks" sung in It's Always Fair Weather by Cyd Charrise, who could have played Honey had the show been produced a few years earlier.

Episodes themselves have the same rushed appearance as the scripts. Most exteriors used real L. The cutting especially hurts the show's fight scenes: it's patently obvious whenever Francis is doubled. The stuntwoman or -women assigned the show don't have her build or hair and the cutting only makes it worse. Attempts at giving Honey West some style mostly don't work. A greatly overused device on the series has a character start a line of dialogue that's interrupted and continued, usually ironically, in the next scene. For instance Sam, aghast at Honey's latest plan, starts to say, "Not on your life! James Bond mania was sweeping the world in the fall of , and Honey West was not immune. Though ostensibly a private eye series, Honey has credulity-straining high-tech gadgets worthy of Q Branch, including that staple of the genre, the surveillance camera that follows its subjects around the room, panning, zooming, and even cutting to close-ups whenever needed.

Now that the legendary show is available, some argue that Honey West wasn't nearly as proto-feminist as its reputation suggested, that because John Ericson's Sam often ends up having to rescue Honey in many of the shows, at best the writing is inconsistent. True enough, but there's no disputing that Anne Francis was great as Honey West and that her assertiveness, both through the writing and her performance, was unusual by mid-'60s TV standards. The series was much less racy than the novels apparently, but Francis had a way of suggesting much more than might actually say through the subtle gestures of her performance. Francis is sexy but girl-next-door sexy, glamorous with little makeup and in jeans and baseball cap as she was throughout much of Bad Day at Black Rock.

She never quite became the big star she deserved to be; she is a good actress but also possesses a big movie star's charisma, and like the great movie stars, she's irreplaceable - there's no one else quite like her. Francis stayed busy until only very recently, aging hardly at all after more than 50 years of films and TV work. She's had a cancer scare recently but seems to have recovered, updating fans via her official website. Episodes seemed derived from archival masters rather than, as the disc itself suggests, meaninglessly, "This Special Edition motion picture sic has been digitally restored to its present condition.

It's about on par with Fox's black and white Lost in Space episodes, to cite another series from the same season. The 30 half-hour shows are on four single-sided, region-free discs that fit in a standard DVD case. Episodes appear complete and are not time-compressed, and most include promos for "next week's show. Extra Features Supplements include a smattering of behind-the-scenes and mostly publicity photos, but the really neat extra are the vintage commercials from that season: Sucrets lozenges so smooth you'll want to keep smoking through that sore throat! Unlike most extras like this, the commercials are all in excellent condition.

Parting Thoughts After all these years, Honey West turns out to be a bit of a disappointment. It's okay, and its star delivers the goods, but it's not as innovative or racy as its reputation long-suggested. Still, it's a reasonable fun series on its own terms, and it's great to see its long-undervalued star front-and-center for a change. Popular Reviews 1. With Honey West 's half-hour format, there isn't time for a lot of deep characterizations or wordy exposition. It has only so many minutes to grab you, and on the whole, it succeeds quite nicely, with a comic-book style of editing and routinely novel direction that again sets this series apart from similar fare at that time.

At times almost cartoonish in its energy, Honey West 's fascination with the trappings of Bondmania exploding devices, electronic surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, fast cars, beautiful women, weaponry, pre-credit sequence setting up the story translates into action-filled, minute little B-programmers that sport some surprisingly clever touches. For instance, in each episode, there's always at least one instance of a cut on the last word of a sentence that leads to a funny or ironic new scene or image - a laugh-getter that's a luxury in the editing schemes of most locked-down, rigid network TV fare of that time. Self-reflexive moments come often in Honey West , from the actors constantly discussing television shows "I wonder what kind of ratings it gets," had to be tough to deliver, considering Honey 's own failing ratings , to Honey pulling down an imaginary shade which is really a wipe for the scene to block out viewers watching her sleep, to even Honey doing a double take at her very own action figure doll which I have to believe didn't sell too well.

Of course there are the usual continuity howlers we expect from s TV too obvious stunt doubles doing all the dirty work; the fact that Sam gets hit over the head in just about every episode , but due to the almost comic strip nature of the show, those stretches of reality work in the show's favor. It is, after all, just a big gag. There are drawbacks to Honey West , though, that probably kept it from achieving any lasting success. First and foremost: if any series cried out for color, it has to Honey West. While black and white series still were showing up on network schedules, their days were definitely numbered by , and certainly the format and style of Honey West demanded color something the newly relaunched, with American money, The Avengers would get when it came to ABC, pushing out the retro-looking Honey West.

The half-hour format, while invigorating when you're trying to make something Pop-y and fun, can also reveal the cracks in characterizations. There's not a lot of room to move for the leads in Honey West. While I personally love the almost surreally vague nature of slightly daffy Aunt Meg's presence in Honey's apartment who exactly is she? What does she do there? Where does she go when she disappears, only to inexplicably pop back into a scene again?

There simply isn't enough time in the half hour show, or room with the two leads, to flesh out her character. And with the shorter time frame, it can be difficult to work up a convincing mystery. Certainly, Honey West is style over substance, and for the most part, many of the mysteries are surprisingly entertaining future Columbo creators Richard Levinson and William Link deliver several excellent scripts here. But clinkers begin to appear towards the end of the run, and one suspects that the juvenile influence of ABC's ratings phenomenon that season, Batman , was steadily pushing out Honey West 's original Avengers inspiration.

Soon, Honey and Sam, instead of battling each other on the dance floor or trading sexy quips over their forever-negotiated romance, are fighting the gorilla from Gilligan's Island ; tracking down a jewel-thief Robin Hood in Sherwood Place, and battling the robot from Gilligan's Island again with Gilligan - in another episode, there's a beach party When the writers actually trot out a new dance named in honor of our heroine "The Honey West Walk" , I began to see why the ratings steadily dropped for the series there's even a "pow"-like comic book graphic - one frame in duration - inserted into one of Sam's fight scenes.

Of course, it wouldn't have mattered if the last episodes of Honey West contained the reconstructed reels of Stroheim's Greed ; set up against the Gomer Pyle juggernaut over on CBS, Honey West didn't stand a chance in the Nielsen's. Although initial interest was high for the show, it just couldn't stand up to CBS's unbeatable Friday night programming. With being the year of the spy on American network TV, all three networks had a spy show on Friday night, but Honey West 's lead-ins and follow-throughs didn't give enough support for the fledgling show.

Honey West 's lead-ins The Flintstones , Tammy and The Addams Family and its follow-throughs Peyton Place , The Jimmy Dean Show were all either once-buzz-worthy series past their prime, or unproven newcomers with no chance of surviving. Honey West may have had that super-cool, jazzy, smartassed theme from Joseph Mullendore, and that bizarre, fetish-driven montage opening credit sequence, which looked like a cross between Madison Avenue and a lurid True Crime cover - and of course, Anne Francis in a black bikini or cat burglar suit - but it couldn't score against James T.

West, Colonel Hogan and Gomer. Here are the 30, one-half hour episodes of the four-disc set Honey West: Complete Series. Most of the episodes time out at a little over 25 minutes, which is about right for standard network run-times for a half-hour show. However , there are some discrepancies in these prints. The first three episodes include an original end bumper which gives a preview of scenes of the next Honey West episode, with the original voice-over narration.

The remaining 27 episodes do not have those bumpers, so it's either a matter of editing or the source materials are no longer available. Nowhere on the box does it indicate that editing has been attempted, while there is a notice that the series has been "digitally restored to its present condition" - whatever that means. Not being an "expert" on the show here come the emails , I can't say if anything else including music is missing or changed, but everything sounds original. So, be aware of those missing bumpers:. Jones Honey and Sam go to a resort in hopes of enticing a blackmail ring. The Owl and the Eye Honey, in her best Rafifi manner, steals a jewel from a museum - because they told her to! The Abominable Snowman Honey and Sam fall unsuspectingly into a trap set by a drug ring.

A Matter of Wife and Death An assassination attempt on a beautiful businesswoman -and Honey - leads the investigators to a diamond smuggling operation. Live a Little, Kill a Little A mob boss' girlfriend is marked for death by an assassin, and Honey is put in-between. Whatever Lola Wants Honey agrees to be the escort of a foreign dignitary who is after his brother for stealing a substantial amount of money.

The Princess and the Paupers A millionaire's rock star son is kidnapped In the Bag A little girl who runs away from Honey and Sam holds the key to the identity of a criminal. A Stitch in Crime Honey fails to protect a haute couture collection, and soon, Sam's van is gutted by the same crooks. The Gray Lady Honey fails to protect an actress' jewels from a master thief Invitation to Limbo A hypnotist is getting businessmen to steal their company's trade secrets.

Rockabye the Hard Way Who is stopping trucks and photographing their contents? Especially those secret missile parts? King of the Mountain Honey poses as a nurse to get close to a reclusive business executive. A robbery gang has a novel new approach: a double for Honey West! Honey goes undercover to find out. The Fun-Fun Killer A toy company proves to be a vicious killing ground, and it's up to Honey and her action figure to solve the crime. Pop Goes the Easel A Pop artist is on the receiving end of threats when his hand-painted soup can label goes missing. Just the Bear Facts, Ma'am Honey goes undercover as a stunt woman at a movie studio to find a woman's killer. An Eerie, Airy Thing A desperate man on a ledge has the perfect alibi for a crime, doesn't he?

While the black and white, full-frame 1. The prints also look a tad dark and smeary, with a sometimes soft picture. These transfers don't compare to major studio releases of vintage TV series, but overall, Honey West: Complete Series looks fairly good. Savings Bonds. Disc four has two fun vintage plugs featuring Anne Francis shilling for Honey West. In some cases, these vintage commercials look better than the transfers of the actual show. Honey West: Complete Series. On disc two, there's a Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery , running about and animated like the Anne Francis gallery, that features black and white stills from the show's production.

Final Thoughts: An uncovered little gem. Honey West , the one-season cult TV series so many of us have heard about but have never seen Sexy, funny, with some snappy, fresh direction and a great turn by heartbreaker Anne Francis, Honey West hit American airwaves before Mrs. Peel, knocking everybody for a loop with her deadly judo moves and her crippling good looks. Breezy, stylish, inventive escapist fare which plays very well today, thank you. I highly recommend Honey West: Complete Series.

But anyone can just "look" good; Honey West Character Analysis knows she looks good. While I personally Standardized Tests Negatively Affecting Students the almost surreally vague nature of slightly daffy Honey West Character Analysis Meg's presence in Honey's apartment Honey West Character Analysis exactly is she? Charlie Neely Ken Lynch Honey West Character Analysis FBI themselves have a fairly obvious van as Honey West Character Analysis. Read More. Hey, Honey West Character Analysis was the Sixties. What Happened In The 1900s Document.

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